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Topic: Writing



Good morning, Ladies and Gentleman..

Our beloved Prophet (Peace Be upon Him)’s glorius teaching us, he said, “Knowledge is like a camel, if you don’t tie it, it will get lost in the desert”. This statement is explained in an other hadith of Abu Dawud, “Tie knowledge by writing it down...” for me, Life is vacation, and “Writing is my vacation from living” (Eugene O’Neill). How about you..?

I am going to talk today about writing, one of the popular hobby. Writing is an exploration. You can write everything. All about your knowledge, life, feel, or imagination maybe. You can know that writing is so important.

First I’ll explain about the advantages of writing and then why that is so important for knowledge.

First, what is the advantage of writing..? As long as we know, Writing has many advantages. But, I’ll tell you about two advantages. First, writing can decrease your stress. Based on the statement of James W. Penneabaker, He is a Professor of Psychology at the University of Texas. He said that, “The people’s mental condition that used to expressing emotion by write are more stable than they are not”. So, If you have any problem that are unspoken, writing can help u to say your unspoken problem. Second, increase creativity. By writing, your creativity will increase automatically. You can grow up your imagination by word. Just write whatever comes to your head, and your mind will redirecting you to make writings. You can try that in everywhere.

That is the advantages of writing.

Next, let me describe why writing is so important for knowledge. Like as my speech before, “Tie knowledge by writing it down..!”. You have to remember, Your knowledge is your ‘jariah’, that’s continuous. You can’t hold it. Knowledge is an everyone’s right. You can share your knowledge by write it down. For example, you can write an article, or posting your knowledgeable writings on your social media. Believe it, you are nothing without your knowledge, and your knowledge is nothing if you didn’t share.

In conclusion, writing is an exploration. You can get minimal two advantages by writing. There are, your stress will decrease, and your creativity will increase. You have been known that knowledge is so important and an everyone’s right. So, don’t hold them..! I suggest you, Lets share our knowledge..! I think, an easy way to do that is writing. So, lets enjoy writing..!

Ok, I think that’s enough. Thank you for your attention..

And now, I’d be interested in your comment/reactions..


Power Point [ppt. download]



3 pemikiran pada “[Bahasa Inggris] Contoh Teks Public Speaking

  1. just writte down without pattern to be guide, it’s so esay but in fact writting have pattern to be guide and reasionable creation, so it’s so difficult..

    but in this moment I want to say “your post is motivation” for me to writte more and more by practice everywhere 🙂

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